FREE Investing Masterclass for Women

How to make Passive Income & Grow Wealth on Autopilot in the Stock Market

Even if you're a total beginner, in debt or terrified of losing money.

The Juicy Details

#1 Discover exactly what investing is and why it's essential if you are serious about creating wealth and financial freedom.

#2 How to create passive income and wealth through the Stock Market on auto-pilot so you can accelerate your way to Millionaire Status.

#3: The 3 biggest myths about the Stock Market that are blocking you from creating wealth.

Meet Your Teacher

Hey! I'm Dr Anna Emily and I'm the founder of She's So Money. I'm incredibly passionate about teaching women how to get started investing so they can build financial security, freedom and wealth.

I've taken myself from being in debt, having zero in savings and zero in investments to becoming debt-free, saving $100k and building a multi five-figure investment portfolio (without using a financial advisor).

I designed this Masterclass because I see too many women sleeping on the power of investing because they are too overwhelmed, too scared or too confused to just get started.

I'm here to make it easy to understand and to help you feel completely confident in starting your investing journey.

This Masterclass is suitable for women in the UK, the United States, Australia, New Zealand or Canada.

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